Ciusines Modena

The high-end kitchen that does not abdicate spontaneity. Modern, sophisticated and very broad, marks the compass of family life with remarkable effectiveness.


Kitchen with handle proportional to the size of the doors and fronts in high gloss black lacquer.
Kitchen with built-in handle, with red lacquered fronts in high gloss and superior system with tic-tac in white lacquered glass with aluminum profile.

Kitchen with handle of aluminum profile with hidden fronts in high-gloss white lacquered in contrast with the fuscia in high gloss black lacquer and glass.


Kitchen with lacquered fronts in high gloss anthracite gray with details in oak melamine.




Kitchen with lacquered fronts in high-gloss gray.


Kitchen with high gloss lacquered fronts in red exterior with knobs and superior tipper with aluminum and frosted glass.